Photo approval is required before you purchase. Before you place the order, let us know the size you are thinking of ordering, then send your image in for quality check to:  almostrealstandups@gmail.com   we will check the photo and email you back if it will work for your project

Is assembly required and will my cardboard cutout be folded? Cardboard Cutouts which are 2 & 3 foot tall and do not exceed a width of 29 inches, will come unfolded, no assembly required. Cutouts which are 4-8 foot tall will be folded, easel is separate and will require easy assembly, instructions included. Easels come standard with adhesive double faced tape to attach the easel to the cutout. Once the easel is attached it will be permanent. Any cardboard cutout which exceeds a finished size which is over 30 inches tall as well as 30 inches wide will be folded to meet shipping requirements.

Storing Custom Cardboard Cutouts. We do not recommend storing your cutouts folded, as this can damage your project in the scored area. Fold your life size cardboard cutout for transportation only, then store flat and unfolded (slid cardboard cutouts under a desk or bed etc.) 

Dimensions for Life Sized Cardboard Cutouts. Each cardboard cutout has a maximum project size. If arms are extended out to the side or over the head, this could reduce the height of your project. Send photo in for approval before purchasing. The largest backing material is 8 feet x 43 inches wide. Larger projects can be created using multiple panels.

What type of files do we accept? When attaching an image in the website order form, please upload a jpeg. If your photo is in a different file format such as tiff, eps, pdf, png, vector, please attach these formats to an email and send directly to our art department before you purchase. Our email address is: almostrealstandups@gmail.com.

How Big Does My Digital Photo need to be? We are looking for a high resolution image. One taken on a digital camera on the highest setting of 300, one downloaded from a smart phone at the largest pixel size, something around 2400 x 1200 pixels, the larger the photo the better. Try to get on an eye level with the subject of the photo. Don't shoot down as this will distort the image. Lighting is very important, low light will distort and add grain to the photo. Images taken off Facebook will not work as they have been compressed. Jpeg format is great. Screen shots will not work, nor will taking a picture of a photograph.

How to Scan a Photograph. First, you will need to click on the program for the scanner. When it opens you should see an option for overview or preview, click on this and you should then see the photo. Grab your mouse and hold down the left side and pull a tight rectangle right on the people, not the whole photo, just the people, then look usually to your right and you should see options for the scanner, look for the dpi setting and change it to 600 (do not go larger or you will not be able to email it) then click scan. Send the photo in for approval before you order:  almostrealstandups@gmail.com

Selections on Order Form. All the default buttons are selected for you for the base cardboard cutout. The only thing you will need to do on this page is upload your image and include your event date.

Do you offer discounts? Discounts are available when ordering 5 or more cardboard cutouts of the same size, as the quantity increase the discount will also increase. The website will automatically discount for multiple pieces. To get a quote just go into the order form on the website and put in your quantity, add to cart and you will see the price per cardboard cutout and total. You can also get a quote for the shipping. We specialize in all types of cardboard cutouts for individuals as well as businesses, quantity tier pricing is available for larger quantities.

When will my credit card be charged? Your credit card will be charged at the time you place the order by our credit card processing service. We never see any of your credit card information. Please send your photo in for review before ordering your cardboard cutout.

What if my item arrives damaged? In the rare case of this, the cardboard cutouts will be reprinted and shipped to you, and we will seek compensation from the shipping companies. Our packaging is professional and sturdy. Each box is custom made for your project.

Shipping to Contiguous United States. Contact us for shipping quote to Hawaii, Alaska. We do not ship to other countries.

Phone: 480-508-1140 • Email: almostrealstandups@gmail.com